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Σκακιστικά νέα

Σκακιστικά νέα


  • Women's Speed Chess Championship 2020 - Games and Results 08/07/2020
    The FIDE Women's Speed Chess Championship takes place 18th June to 20th July 2020. There are three phases. The now completed qualifiers led to a 4 leg Grand Prix stage and this will produce two players for the super final to decide the winner. FIDE's page on the Women's Speed Chess Championship. Valentina Gunina and Anna Ushenina hav […]
  • PNWCC Masters - World Online Open 2020 - Games and Results 07/07/2020
    PNWCC Masters - World Online Open took place Sat 4th Jul to Mon 6th Jul 2020. 9 round swiss 60 minutes plus 5 seconds a move hosted on Many strong players: Nikita Vitiugov, Liem Quang Le, Jeffery Xiong, Maxim Matlakov, Andrey Esipenko, Gabriel Sargsyan, Vladimir  Fedoseev, Parham Maghsoodloo, Hrant Melkumyan, Samuel Sevian, Grigoriy  Oparin, Dariu […]
  • Carlsen wins the Chessable Masters final after one stunning game followed by surviving to draw in the remaining three - Day 14 04/07/2020
    Magnus Carlsen won the Chessable Masters by 2 sets to 0 after winning day two 2.5-1.5 but he hardly had things his own way. Carlsen won a stunning first game but the remaining games were about "survival" as he did not play well and Giri had opportunities to win all three games. "Today, so many missed opportunities...." "it was really […]
  • Carlsen relief as he beats Giri on Day 1 of the Chessable Masters Final - Day 13 03/07/2020
    Magnus Carlsen was visibly relieved after he won the first set of the final of the Chessable Masters. Carlsen had seemed in control after a victory in game two with white and two solid draws with black. This left Anish Giri the problem of winning on demand in the fourth rapid game to take the game to a blitz tie-break. Carlsen played for a draw with the whit […]
  • Giri overcomes Nepomniachtchi to face Carlsen in the Chessable Masters Final - Day 12 02/07/2020
    Anish Giri beat Ian Nepomniachtchi in a blitz tie-break to win his semifinal match 2 sets to 1 and go through to face World Champion Magnus Carlsen in the final of the Chessable Masters starting tomorrow. Anish Giri has transformed his play in online chess since the start of the lock down and a 3-1 beating by Jorden van Foreest. In the first Magnus Carlsen i […]